Deck Coat Overlay Instructions
Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 06:17PM
Artcrete in Faux Brick

Deck Coat Resurfacing System

Using Paper Stencils with Decorative Coatings

Paper Stencils may be used in conjunction with spray on decorative coatings for concrete (overlay systems) to create brick or stone patterns on concrete flat work. Once all surface preparations and base coats have been completed according to the coating manufacturer’s specifications The Paper Stencils may be applied as follows to achieve the brick or stone pattern:

  1. Place Stencils
    1. Unroll stencils, pulling template from the top of the roll. These Paper Stencils have very little memory and lay virtually flat. Pulling off stencils from the top of the roll will assure that any minor residual curl will be convex so that gravity will assist in pulling the stencil into contact with the surface.
    2. Lay stencil onto the surface and trim excess off with scissors.
    3. Unroll and place second section of stencil onto the surface overlapping the trailing mortar joint of this section onto the leading mortar joint of the previous section. Care should be taken to align all mortar joints so continuity of the pattern is maintained.
    4. The two sections of stencil can be stapled together where they overlap to increase the stability of the pattern
  2. Secure Stencils
    1. The stencil may be spot glued to the surface using an adhesive putty. Click for photo Very small amounts (about the size of a grain of rice) should be placed under the stencil. The stencil should then be pressed firmly against the surface to achieve a bond. Any lack of contact between the stencil and the surface as a result of surface irregularities and minor residual curl may be corrected by strategic spot gluing. Excess stencil should then be trimmed off with scissors.
    2. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 until the entire surface is covered with the stencil.
  3. Apply Color
    1. Spray on color coat to obtain 100% coverage. Spray as near vertical as possible; a 45 degree PVC joint on the hopper gun is recommended. Click for photo If a knock down finish is desired, allow the coating to stiffen slightly to avoid pushing the coating under the stencil while troweling.
  4. Remove Stencils
    1. The stencil may be removed as soon as the surface will support workers . Any adhesive putty remaining on the surface may be removed by using a fresh piece of putty to adhere to and lift off the old putty. Sealer may then be applied according to the coating manufacturer’s specifications.
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